Honza, early this year, Proudly was bought by the French company Welcome to the Jungle (WTTJ). What can we expect from this fusion?

Great things. Not only for us but especially for our clients and users. Since the very beginning of Proudly in 2015, it was our goal to raise our company to the international level. We dreamed of a platform that allows you to job hunt globally. And, thanks to WTTJ, we are coming very close to this goal. Soon, our users will be able to use one platform to pick from job offers ranging across several European countries.

Can you describe what WTTJ is and what it does?

WTTJ was founded in Paris in the same year as Proudly (a good year). Today, Welcome to the Jungle is a career showroom with the portfolio of 2,000 companies and tens of thousands of job offers with its own multimedia platform including articles, podcasts, videos, series and other content. Welcome to the Jungle also has its own printed magazine available for purchase at the French newsstands.

(We asked the founder of WTTJ, Jérémy Clédat, about how the French do it).

What benefits will the merger of Proudly and WTTJ bring to the users?

Most importantly, the users will now be able to check out not only the Czech and Slovak companies but also the thousands of companies in France and dozens in Spain. Our portfolio will also grow with more Czech and Slovak companies. We wish to offer our user the option to take a look at as many companies across different fields and regions in several European countries as possible so that they can find a job at a place that will make them happy. The candidates in the IT field will now be able to filter the companies by their programming language, and access specialist articles focused on IT.

How will the companies with the existing Proudly profile benefit?

In the first place, the administration associated with the recruiting will be simplified. WTTJ offers the clients its own ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for free. In the Czech companies, the recruiters usually record the candidates in Excel or pay for expensive ATS solutions. The companies which already have a Proudly profile, as well as the newcomers, will gain a simple and user-friendly system entirely free of charge. Everything concerning the recruitment can be easily resolved in one place – from advertising the offer to hiring a new employee.

The companies can also expect global reach and an option to approach the foreign candidates with great potential. Proudly attracts more and more users and, therefore, the companies can build up their employer brand in the eyes of an increasing number of candidates.

Will Proudly change its name and website to correspond to the WTTJ website?

Yes. Proudly will change to WTTJ so that we can make better use of the global potential and bring our users news and quality content. For now, we are not quite sure when this change will take place, but we look forward to it since it will bring many benefits to our users and clients.

What are your future plans for Proudly?

We want to offer all our users, i.e. both the candidates and the companies, a great experience when looking for new jobs or employees. That's why we want to continue our work and present more and more new companies through Proudly so that anyone can find the one suiting them.

Sometimes people ask me at conferences and trainings whether we pick and choose the companies Proudly presents, and refuse others. The answer is always no. We do not wish to judge which company is good enough and which isn’t. There are companies I wouldn’t choose, but those may be an ideal employer to thousands of other people and vice versa. So we present the companies as they are, including their corporate culture. We leave everyone to make their own opinion.

Since 2018, Proudly also operates in Slovakia. Do you plan further expansion abroad?

Firstly, we want to offer our users a wide selection of companies across all fields and regions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to the merger with WTTJ, our users also gain access to thousands of job offers from France and Spain. We plan to expand to other Central European countries in the future. Our data clearly show that a wider variety of companies attracts more candidates. This helps us to build a place – a career showroom – where the companies and candidates can meet virtually.

What new content can the users expect?

There will definitely be a lot of new companies! Currently, we are focusing on offering more start-ups and small and medium-sized companies. We will bring more articles and inspirational interviews on how to move forward not only professionally but also in life. We are preparing podcasts with fascinating characters who will reveal some of their stories and offer specific advice. We also have several video tutorials in the works that will help younger candidates to get their bearings on the job market, and we want to take a look at the non-profit organizations as well. The users can expect the first of these new features to arrive in the second half of the year.